Book Shame: Or, the Time I Brought Infinite Jest to the Beach.

As a writer, it’s pretty easy to take yourself too seriously. I mean, no one else is going to do it for you. “Oh, you think my Creative Writing Degree is a joke, well I’ve read Proust in three different languages. Tell me more about your job at Soul Crushing Inc.”

(Disclaimer: The writer of this blog post does not claim to have actually read Proust in any of the languages.) Continue reading “Book Shame: Or, the Time I Brought Infinite Jest to the Beach.”


Advice for People Writing Advice for Writers

7 Ways to Make Writing Advice Suck Less 

I will literally click on any link that says “Writing Advice.” The link may come from the New Yorker or someone’s Angelfire website from 1999. Doesn’t matter. I will read that crap out of it.

Before we get to what that means about me (spoiler: nothing good) let’s maybe just agree that if you’ve read one list of Ten Ways to Improve Your Writing, you’ve read them all. Obviously, there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. But for the most part, we are just churning out vague and often self-explanatory advice to people who legitimately want to get better at something that is really, really hard. Continue reading “Advice for People Writing Advice for Writers”

People Like Lists, Right?

Anyone with anxiety knows that the biggest threat to composure is having time to think. As a general rule, I like to give myself as little time to “think” as humanly possible, assuming that, in this instance, “think” means “obsess.”

This means that sometimes when I’m driving, I can’t listen to music, because music only serves as a soundtrack to my anxiety. So instead of just imagining that the slightly wobbly looking tire of the man driving in front of me is going to somehow lead to a bloody heap of twisted metal and carnage, I imagine these things with a score by Rilo Kiley. Continue reading “People Like Lists, Right?”

Obligatory First Post

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent most of your non-working, waking hours in a state of near constant panic. Does the joke you made in your Statement of Purpose make you seem crass? Did you accidentally forget to change the name of the school on your writing sample cover page? Did a hostile mail carrier toss your packet into the shredder instead of sending it off to Michigan?

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