How to Give the Perfect Gift (Will Not Be Answered In This Post)

Among other things, I am bad at giving presents. Truly the worst. Like most things, it sends me into an existential panic greatly disproportionate to the task at hand. As soon as it is time to give someone a present (Christmas, birthdays, life events) it is like I can no longer even imagine any products in the world or any facts about the person in question. Suddenly, even though I’ve known Katie my whole life, I’m all like, “Well, Katie…has arms. Maybe she’d like some….arm stuff?” Continue reading “How to Give the Perfect Gift (Will Not Be Answered In This Post)”


Advice for People Writing Advice for Writers

7 Ways to Make Writing Advice Suck Less 

I will literally click on any link that says “Writing Advice.” The link may come from the New Yorker or someone’s Angelfire website from 1999. Doesn’t matter. I will read that crap out of it.

Before we get to what that means about me (spoiler: nothing good) let’s maybe just agree that if you’ve read one list of Ten Ways to Improve Your Writing, you’ve read them all. Obviously, there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. But for the most part, we are just churning out vague and often self-explanatory advice to people who legitimately want to get better at something that is really, really hard. Continue reading “Advice for People Writing Advice for Writers”